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BBQ Season Has Arrived!

Here in the South Bay, we know the weather is (generally) nice year-round, but summer brings that truly special warmth and vibe that makes you want to spend every day outside.

With family and friends gathering at your place, the last thing you need to worry about is leaving and dealing with hauling around a heavy (35+LB) propane tank. That's where we come in and make summer even better for you.

Some reminders of why we rock:

-Family-owned and operated

-$25 exchanges, always

-No delivery fees or charges

-Free installation upon request

-Same-day delivery (before 4:40 pm)

As always, it is our pleasure to provide our service to the community and make life easier for our wonderful customers.

We wish you all a fantastic and fun-filled summer!

See you soon for grilling & chilling.

-With Warmth,

The SBP Family


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