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Spare Tank (20lb.) [Pre-Filled]
  • Spare Tank (20lb.) [Pre-Filled]

    SKU: NT20

    Spare 20lb Propane Tank – the ultimate backup plan for your grilling adventures! 


    When it comes to grilling, we believe in always being prepared. That's why we offer the Spare 20lb Propane Tank – your trusty sidekick for those unforgettable grilling experiences. Imagine this: You're in the middle of a sizzling cookout, and suddenly, your grill's favorite companion runs out of gas. Panic? Not with us! With our Spare 20lb Propane Tank, you've got a reliable backup right by your side. No need to cut the party short or rush to the store; we've got your grill's back. Convenience is our middle name. Easily switch over to your spare tank and keep the flame alive, so you can keep serving up those mouthwatering dishes. It's grilling without the stress – just the way it should be.

    • Weight Information

      • Tare Weight: 17lbs*
      • Propane Gas Weight: 17lbs

      *Tare Weight May Vary

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